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Incompatible Relationships

Relationships Can Be Complicated - Recognizing Compatibility Factors

Chemistry is an important part of any kind of relationship, platonic and romantic, but it can be difficult to recognize incompatibility until it is too late. A relationship that started with passion, care, and loyalty can deteriorate into a mess of deception and bitter arguments. Many rash decisions are made within the first few months of a new relationship that could negatively affect the relationship in the future.

Understanding Compatibility Issues - Pillars of Compatibility

There are pillars of compatibility in every relationship, and a romantic relationship is no different. Everybody has different views and goals about life, their own preferences, and their own ways of handling issues that might crop up in everyday life. Sex, finances, spirituality, and intelligence all play an important and critical part in a person’s relationship with another person.

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Testing Relationships

By thoroughly understanding the pillars, a relationship can be tested and measured. People’s responses to these pillars and how their significant others respond shows how they are compatible to each other and whether they are a match. The differences, and the similarities, must mesh well together in order for a couple to have a successful and nurturing relationship with one another.

Similarity, Not Compatibility

It is important for everyone to recognize that similarity does not always mean compatibility. In most cases, having similarities to another person is something that is necessary in order to start a bond, but in some cases it is healthier for opposites to be together. When incompatibility prevails, separation is recommended and the services of a divorce lawyer may be required to ease this transition.


Knowledge is the Best Medicine - Improving Future Relationships

The trauma of losing a treasured but troubled relationship can be scarring, but that alone should not be a reason to avoid relationships. Just because one has been hurt in a previous relationship is not an excuse for abandoning a new romance. Knowledge of what one’s goals are and how other people might react could only improve how future relationships and interactions occur in the future.